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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play)

Everyone who knows me would by now understand my insanity for cartoons/anime. Of all the cartoons/anime i've watched.. there's one that was, is and will forever be my favourite of all. Fushigi Yuugi. I first watched this anime some time in the end of 2001. It was shown on AXN, every evening at 7 pm, and repetition at 11 am the next morning. And i watched it everyday (the actual show AND the's a must.)Until i had to leave for KML sometime in March. That left me really devastated coz duh.. i was already "glued" to the anime, and it was somewhere around the climax-resolution part of the plot that i had to leave it for.. something that wasnt productive AT ALL.(yes, i HATEd KML.every. single. day i spent there. the only thing that i valued was my MEMORY n EXPERIENCE of being there..errr.anyways, this post isnt about KML. it's about my one and only favourite anime, Fushigi Yuugi.)
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What is Fushigi Yuugi about? It's about Friendship. Love. It's about sacrifice. About the painful truth of life that we have to accept and deal with. It's about growing matured, never giving up our hope in something that we believe in.. :) It's..everything. I cant quite tell the whole story right here.. coz it'll take too much time (and space).. he2.. but here's a gist of the anime that i can share with you readers..

Miaka and Yui are best friends, living in our modern world. One day, they went into the "reserved documents" room in the library and found a book called "Universe of the Four Gods". The book, in which the setting's made in Ancient China, started with the phrase.. "..This is the story of a girl whose wish came true..." and Miaka and Yui were absorbed into the book itself, and experienced a life-turning journey and adventure. How can two good friends end up being enemies?
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How can a girl from our world fall in love with a character from a book?
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
How can a typical 15 year old girl grow and change from a selfish person into everyone's loved one?
Image Hosted by
:D The next time we meet, and have a chat.. i wouldnt mind watching the anime (for the 100th time?) with you. *wink*

The best anime.. of any time.. Fushigi Yuugi. Eheh~! *wink*

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy 25th Birthday to My Syl!!!!

He2.. today's 4th sayang's 25th birthday! muahz..! love you so much syl.. May God bless you in all your future undertakings baby..

Check this out:

he2.. not gonna say anything further.. let the mystery remains..kekekee.. ok cayang? muahh!! love you sooo much syl! see u soon baby! eheh! :*:*:*

Monday, October 16, 2006

Cobalah Untuk Setia.. by Krisdayanti

Hmm..i know this' not the latest song..he2..i just listened to this song recently..and really2 like it.. :D

Apalah maumu kasih
Kaupilih diriku
Didalam hidupmu
Nyatanya kulihat kini
Tak bisa kau coba untuk setia

Sudah cukuplah sudah
Ku memberikan waktu
Kau selalu tak bisa
Mencoba untuk setia

Yang selalu kuinginkan
Yang selalu kunanti
Kau coba untuk mengerti
Apalah arti mencinta

Dan harus kau sadari
Bila ingin bersamaku
Jangan coba kau ingkari
Cobalah untuk setia..

Apalah maumu kasih
Kaupilih diriku
Didalam hidupmu
Nyatanya kulihat kini
Tak bisa kau coba untuk setia

Sudah cukuplah sudah
Ku memberikan waktu
Kau selalu tak bisa
Mencoba untuk setia

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Masihkah aku diinginkan
Masihkah aku di dambakan
Masih ada waktu untukmu
Bersamamu akankah kujalani hidup…

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Cartoons...Those were the days..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-
Image Hosted by
i'd been watching this since..ever since i understand English, i suppose!ahaha..!well,alrite..since we moved to miri..that was what,1988?he2..and this cartoon would be on the TV every nite,around 7pm..and then we started to watch..StarTV (not astro leh..the one yang guna UHF area..)he2...and the watching cartoon session continued..till..well,till there was no more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the TV.. :'(
Here's the Intro of the Cartoon..

Oh..there'll be a Teengage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie next year..i definitely WONT miss it..!!!he2..!hardcore fan youuuu..!!here's the preview..

Masked Black Rider(Kamen Rider)
Image Hosted by
-ahaa..i started watching this one, around the same time i began to watch Teenage Mutant..every evening, around 4.30-5.30 pm..i'd sit in front of the TV..and watch this one.he2..the hero hensem yuuu..awawawaa..and you know what,I NEVER KNEW IT WAS CALLED KAMEN RIDER..until THIS YEAR!ahahahaha..!!i only knew the name by "Masked Black Rider" wonder when people asked me if i've ever watched Kamen Rider, and i said "NO", people would look at me with a weird expression which says "no way u've never watched Kamen Rider"..he2..if they'd used "Masked Black Rider"..thennn.. i'd know..aawawawa..Kesatria Baja Hitammmmm!!!!!
Here's the intro for the series..

And here's the ending..well, i remember the ending theme most..till now i can still remember the song..shows how much i really2 loved this one..!!awawawaa!!

The Chipmunks
Image Hosted by
- ahaa.. how can i forget this one..the cutest,most adorable cartoon characters..the chipmunks.. Alvin, Simon n Theodore..he2.. also, around 5.30-6.30 pm..every evening..i'd be sitting in front of the TV..waiting for this one to start rolling..hahaha..!!Here's the intro.. *wink*

And here's another version of the introduction..!

Image Hosted by
- hmm.. i remember watching this cartoon too.. but..errr..cant quite remember what they're about. eheh.. -_-" Anyways..i do,of course, still remember the intro theme..

Image Hosted by
- he2.. i cant remember the three main characters..but i sure remember Slimey~!!!hahaha!!!!every nite..after dinner time..they'll be up on TV2..he2..

Image Hosted by
- and how can i forget this one too.. Transformers..!!!

G.I. Joe
Image Hosted by
- he2.. this one..i think..during the later years..but memory..he2...

Image Hosted by
- well. i dont have to explain further bout this one..he2..a cartoon bout a group of friends in a highschool..with various characters (a funny guy like jughead..the vain Reggie..the rich Veronica..and Archie himself) that gives the viewers a good time watching the cartoon (or reading the comic!)Here's the intro.."archie's here.."

And i just have to include this one.."Sugar Sugar"- The Archies 1969.. *wink* The song's Simply Hot..!!!!

*sigh*... soooo many cartoons.. so little time/space to put it all.but these are among the ones that i remember most..and i can find..well, there are a couple of cartoons.. the one where the heroes are from one place (prob. earth),"terkandas" on a planet..and they can transform into robots..(it's a japanese cartoon,translated into English)-cant remember the title..and another one is..about..KnightSaber..a robot-horse..ergh..rusted memory i have here..tried to search on Google,and i kept on getting results as Lightsaber (starwars..)hehehe..nvm la..uhuhu..katun2 yang ku tak tahu namanya..akan dikenangi sampai bila2..:D

许茹芸 - 泪海 and 王菲 - 但愿人长久

He2... the title says, Valen Hsu- Lei Hai & Faye Wong- Dong Juan Ron Chui.. These two are my favourite chinese songs.. Valen's Lei Hai's a theme song from "Love of a Lifetime", a Chinese drama quite popular around 1998-1999.. i favourite chinese drama..(gonna post bout this in the future as well).. meanwhile, Faye's Dong.. well..the first time i heard it was when my friends held a special performance for Lantern Festival @ my college in KL..i think it has something to do..with the moon..he2..i really2 wish i understand what these songs mean..but hey,they were,and still are my favourite chinese songs.. :D Enjoy listening/watching.. :)

Eh by the way..the first clip is Valen's, and the second's Faye's.. :) Hope you guys like it.. *wink*

Monday, September 25, 2006

My all-time favourite Malay films..

ALI SETAN (1985)

-Kisah mengenai kenakalan seorang mahasiswa bernama Ali di sebuah universiti. Dia sering mengusik pelajar-pelajar lain termasuklah Asmidar yang kerap menjadi mangsanya. Namun perasaan bencikan Ali akhirnya bertukar menjadi cinta. Begitu pun percintaan kedua-duanya menghadapi masalah apabila sepupu Ali, Tipah yang juga mencintai Ali mengaku dinodai oleh Ali.

-Para Pelakon:
Azmil Mustapha ... Ali
Fauziah Ahmad Daud ... Asmidar
Izi Yahya ... Jeff
Liza Abdullah ... Aini
Ebby Saiful ... Latiff
Shah Rezza ... Jali
Sheila Majid ... Tipah
Jins Shamsuddin ... Tan Sri
Prof. Abdullah Hassan ... Dekan


- Kisah percintaan seorang penyanyi kelab malam dengan seorang pemuda kaya tidak mendapat restu daripada ibunya. Ibu penyanyi itu melarang dia bercinta dengan pemuda kaya kerana tidak mahu anaknya dihina. Keluarga pemuda itu juga ingin menjodohkan dia dengan wanita pilihan mereka.

-Para Pelakon:
Azmil Mustapha
Fauziah Ahmad Daud
Rosnani Jamil
Norlida Ahmad

AZURA (1984)

-A boy from a wealthy always gathers with bad company. He is very mischief and always involves in gang fight. One day he met a girl and falls in love with her. The girl, Azura, later changed the boy's character and he became a good and well mannered boy. He proposed to Azura but thier marriage was objected by his parents because Azura comes from a poor family. Despite of his parents objection, he marries Azura and leaves behind all his family's wealth. He works as a laborer to support Azura. Everything was perfect until one day Azura is found to be pregnant. Her husband suspects that the baby she is carrying does not belongs to him. Misunderstanding then arise between them...

Para Pelakon:

Jamal Abdillah ... Zek (Zakaria bin Putih)

Fauziah Ahmad Daud ... Azura (Norazura bt Bahaman)

Maria Arshad ... Ibu Tiri Zek

A. Galak ... Datuk Putih

Rafie Hussein ... Razif

Yusni Jaafar ... Mak Long

M. Rajoli ... Pengurus Stesen Minyak

*All film summaries (and images) cited from
*Soundtrack from Ali Setan - available on the right side of the blog , just click the "Play" button.. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mighty To Save- Chord.

Just in case i or my bro, or anyone who can play any instrument can use this.. :)

Mighty To SaveReuben Morgan, Ben Fielding
Key: AIntro:
D2 A F#m E
Verse 1:
D2 A
Everyone needs compassion
Love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a Saviour
The hope of nations
He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
F#m E
He is mighty to save
Author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
F#m E D2 A F#m E
Jesus conquered the grave
Verse 2:
So take me as You find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender
D A E F#m D A E F#m
Shine Your light
and let the whole world see
F#m D
We're singing
For the glory of the risen King
F#m D
Jesus, Shine Your light
and let the whole world see
F#m D
We're singing
for the glory of the risen King

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter dies..

Omg... i heard a really2 shocking news just a few mins ago.. Steve Irwin's dead..isk..!!:'( i feel so sad..altho i dont know him personally, i really2 love his shows..he's so crazy n brave..hmm..i just..still shocked that he's no longer going to do any show..or appear in any TV.. :'( so sad..uwaa.. i just hope, that his soul rests in peace..he's made his fans/audience awed by his stunts,etc.. And i hope his wife Teri, be patient in enduring this moment of loss..hmm..and his children.. uwaa..!!why...!'s upseting!!! :'( here's an extract from The of the dailies in the country:

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed by stingray
Staff correspondents

STEVE Irwin, arguably the most famous Australian, is dead after being struck in the chest by a stingray while filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef.

Paramedics from Cairns were rushed to treat the famed film-maker and environmentalist, but were unable to save him. Mr Irwin had a puncture wound to the left side of his chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Queensland Ambulance Service said a call was received about 11am (AEST) today and dispatched an emergency services helicopter to a boat on Batt Reef, off Port Douglas, with a doctor and paramedic on board.

Mr Irwin was best known for his television show The Crocodile Hunter and his work with native Australian wildlife. His wife, Terri, was hiking in the Tasmanian wilderness at the time of the incident. She was tracked down by police and informed of the tragedy.

Tributes streamed in from around the world today, with The New York Times and BBC websites among those that reported the news that the larger-than-life personality had died.

Fans were gathering at Australia Zoo, north of Brisbane, where they delivered floral tributes and gathered to remember the charismatic naturalist.

Federal MPs, including Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, sent their condolences while newspaper websites where flooded with emails saluting Mr Irwin.

Melbourne-born Mr Irwin - known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter - is famous for his enthusiasm for wildlife and his catchcry "Crikey!".

The father of two's Crocodile Hunter program was first broadcast in 1992 and has been shown around the world on cable network Discovery.

N Qld map Thanks to his TV programs, Mr Irwin was perhaps the best-known Australian in the US. He also starred in movies and developed the Australia Zoo wildlife park, north of Brisbane, which was started by his parents Bob and Lyn Irwin.

The Irwins have two children: a daughter, Bindi Sue Irwin, 8, and a son, Robert (Bob) Clarence Irwin, three.

Mr Irwin had close links with Prime Minister John Howard and was a guest at The Lodge during a function for US President George W Bush in 2003.

"I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the sudden death of Steve Irwin today," Mr Howard said.

"Steve Irwin captured the imagination of Australia and the world through his television appearances as The Crocodile Hunter.

"He entertained millions of people with an unconventional style that helped him become a household name around the world."

Mr Irwin also championed many environmental projects. These included the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, and International Crocodile Rescue.

Image Hosted by
the late Steve Irwin.. :'(

Mfest @ Darling Harbour..and The City!

Isk.. i hate this...!! i've typed a whole blog about yesterday's event, uploaded my pictures..and everything's gone with a single click of a button!! ayayyaayayayya!! ok ok.. u think u can defeat me meh??!! u think i wont be able to write again meh??!! if u really want to see me give up writing, TRY HARDER,stupid laptop!! hahahahahahahaha!! ok!! here's a recount of yesterday's event!!!
Chinese Garden, Darling Harbour.
Yesterday was quite a tiring day for me..I guess it's because i havent travelled/walked that much since..well..since! hu2..that shows how many FEW times i've enjoyed myself OUT there..anyways..the day started around 7.05am (thats when i woke up, took my shower, had my breakie,etc).. and we (izan, fiza, fiza's visiting friends from Japan, darina and the gang, and daniel) took the 9.11 am bus to the city.. arrived at Darling Harbour at 10.20am (approx)..I've been to Darling Harbour a few times before this..nothing much to see,it's after all..a port.he2..n i did take some pictures last year (and already printed,now in my album back home).anyways, we arrived at Tumbalong Park, where Mfest is held..what's Mfest? (wait..looking through my inbox to look for the info bout Mfest..he2) ok ok.. found's what it said:

The festival is opened to everyone, and provides visitors with the best Malaysian experience anyone can find in Australia. It showcases the BEST Malaysian food, a whole day of cultural and contemporary performances, as well as information about Malaysia. So, what's on this year @ MFest?

Food: - there will be a huge 'gathering of food' with all the delicious Malaysian food such as Satay, Murtabak, Ikan Bakar, Nasi Lemak, Roti Jala, Laksa, Curry Puffs, Kuih varieties, and a whole range of authentic Malaysian delicacies.

Entertainment - be dazzled with the enthralling 'Asmaradana' and 'Ulek Mayang' dances, the legendary tale of the Princess of Mount Ledang, Dikir Barat, Lion Dance, various contests and activities, and special appearances by 2006 MASCA Idol from Queensland!

Merdeka Raffles Draw - buy your raffles tickets at only AU$1 each (get 2 extra tickets for free if you buy 10 before MFest day), and stand a chance to win great prizes, including 2 return flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur from Sydney, exclusive hotel stays, generous food vouchers, and much more.

View important raffles draw details at , under the 'What's On' section.
Here are the details for MFest 2006
MFest will be on Sunday, 3rd of September 2006, from 10am-6pm.
It will be at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour (near Chinese Garden of Friendship, map available at

The food was indeed better than last year's.. i bought Nasi lemak with chicken curry for $8, that's rm24 just for nasi lemak dan kari ayam..but hey, I AM SATISFIED. (so dont tell me that i'm crazy to buy such expensive food, coz it's MY MONEY,MY TUMMY!!!!!i've bought wanton noodles for $13 a DONT U DARE criticize me on how i spend my money, coz it's MINE,not yours..what do YOU know about buying Asian food in Australia?!!!)..hmm..i'm so emotional rite now coz i'm still pissed off by the stupid mistake just now.. (u know, the finished blog, gone just like that..) damn. anyways, cut the story short (and FCUK you who dare to comment on my poor english. u're not an orang putih yourself. u're an ORANGUTAN!)..izan and i joined the other audience on the field..we sat on the grass and enjoyed the performances while eating our food.. *wink* this year's Mfest is different than last year's coz it's more happening, most probably coz of the weather.. previous years, the weather hadnt been friendly or helpful to the Mfest was always raining, and really2 windy during Mfest.but not this year..he2..what a great experience for our last Mfest in Sydney.. :)With the crowd..
Izan and i left Mfest around 1 pm, and spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping at QVB..(SES, Supre`, Perfume Shop-uuuu..!!Glow Pink's scent is sooooooooooo nice!!waaa..!!i really2 love it..!no more estee lauder!! it's gonna be Glow Pink now!hehe)..After spending almost two hours in QVB, we ended up at Pitt Street (Deja Vu of being in Brisbane few months back! the whole environment was exactly like what i experienced in Brisbane!the street, shops, stree performances, etc..!) .. Somehow later we ended up at Hyde Park.. heh..Izan had been telling me about this "garden"/"park" that she'd been to. It's a large park, etc..but she never mentioned the name of the park to me.If she'd mentioned it to me, i could've known what park she was talking about.. coz most of my "friends" had been there!he2!anyways, only when we were there and saw the sign that said "HYDE PARK" then only we know that we're "there". well, i didnt take pics there..just one in front of a Cathedral (cant remember what's the name)..and we took a rest for almost an hour sitting on the grass..such a great weather..we felt so relaxed at that time as we've been walking for 6 hours!hu2..!

We then got back to QVB, took the bus to Macquarie Uni (we went to the library first before going back home to surf the internet).. and got back around 6.20 pm..tired..but satisfied.. =D it was a really2 great day @ the city with izan.. :) hehe..i really2 had fun, and felt relaxed.. *wink* and i'm definitely gonna come back (for my GLow Pink!!!!)..hueheueu..!! =D =D